Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Tipu jer..xder laa gembira not well yet..still having fever.. But im kinda happy coz now, im starting to see things done slowly one by one..yeah, there are still a lot of things to do.. LOTS AND LOTS OF THINGS.. at times, i do feel like crying..but i cant.. just simply cant..coz i know im a tough guy really..this small heart inside me, holds up a huge ambition, desire, passion and spirit.. once i thought of givin up..then i realise, givin up is not an option..givin up is just the stairway to hell.. instead, i tried again and again..though my vision kept blurring and my body kept weakening, i pushed myself harder..coz i know, one day, when i look back to the paths that i've taken, i can only smile..along with people i love, my mother, my family, my special one and my friends.. and one day, i can leave this fable world with no regrets at all, and i'll see him, smiling again..miss u a lot dad..


ONNA desu said...

blogging in bi.bagossh (:

Mike_Delta_Hotel_33 said...

bagos?? yeah well..BM is still my priority..coz it's much easier to express my feelings AND to reach the hearts of my readers using the language that they've known since forever..