Sunday, January 18, 2009

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Yang ini dah dicetak dan available...

Yang lain2 ni design yg akan dikeluarkan jika ada permintaan...p/s: design yg berwarna hanya akan dicetak dgn SATU WARNA SAHAJA...i.e, t-shirt putih, design hitam...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Treasure - Tribute to SMSD 0408

I wake up every morning
Just to have you in my mind
I smile...knowing that you are mine

I try to remember our yesterdays
And hope we can do it again for tomorrows
Do what we do best
Cried our tears dry
Laugh our lungs out
Our life goes well
Nothing to worry of,
And everything to dream of

I can still remember your cheerful lovely face
Though i know even words can't describe it with any phrase
Then i look into your shiny eyes
Deep inside, i can find my place right in your very heart

Cos' i know
You'll be happy when i'm happy
You'll be crying when i'm crying
You'll be my strength when i'm weak
And you'll be my soul when i'm lost inside

And cos' i know
We were meant for each other
I was born to make you perfect and you were born to make me perfect
That's why you are my treasure
Never want to lose it, never want to slip a hold from it
As long as i can breathe,
And my heart can beat
You will be a part of me
Standing proudly in my heart
Saying that you are my friend...

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Life=Basketball

I've got two days off from my boss which is yesterday and i used the long waited chance to play basketball wif my friends at sis 1...gosh, it's been a long time since my last match as the student of SM Sains Dungun and it turned out that a 3 on 3 match would be so much tiring for me now... I've lost all my stamina!!! Luckily, i still've got the skills i learned before at my school...although not as good as the old days, i can still feel that the skills can come back slowly...but what can i do? i've got to work from 5pm to 12am every day and there's no certain day-off for all depends to the boss...quite a sad thing for me...i've been playing for five years at SMSD starting from form one and there's no way i can juz forget the game that i love so much...every time i touch the ball, the memories of my coach, my teammates, our cry, our joy, our hardwork, our passion just come back to my mind...gosh i miss u all guys, especially mister hamdani that has thought me a lot not just about basketball, but also how i can become a more useful man through teammates...oh my, they're all fantastic...if i was given a chance to play alongside kobe, t-mac, lebron or even steve nash, i'd rather choose g-bom, seraq meng, seraq nor, kumel, ropa, lutfi, matyi, redha, pue, mamut, pikwan, najmi and goh...cos' they're my friends...they're the ones who shared the joy, the pain, the suffering and the trophies with me...two days i've been playing at sis 1 made me come to realize that im not a good basketball player...not without my teammates...together, we've crushed teams that are bigger and better from us...oh god, i miss the good old days of we together being a 'SHARKS'...indeed, basketball is my passion, my source of strength,my teacher, my pride and my memories of my all my teammates, i hope we can play together or against each other again...i just love to see all of us in action...deep in my heart, i know that i'm still a player of the 'SHARKS' although i'll never play for it again...and the title will go on forever...once a 'SHARKS', forever a 'SHARKS'...

Monday, January 5, 2009


ASSALAMUALAIKUM W.B.T.Kali ni, aku nak highlightkan kedatangan satu menda baru dlm hidup aku, iaitu kereta aku sendiri...hehe...dah sampai Kemaman dlm lbih kurg seminggu gk la tp msih xleh jln lg sbb ade problem besor yg perlu di'settle'kan...Yg plg besor skali ialah brek...suspek utama skrg ni ialah servo brek yg dah xleh, bapak aku telah mengkontek penjual kereta ni iaitu En.Othman dan beliau dgn rela hati telah menderma servo brek yg baru...Di samping itu, mengikut En.Othman, sebelum ini, selama kereta tersebut dlm jagaan beliau, x pernah lg berlaku minyak bocor...hal ini juga turut menghairankan aku...mungkin sebab cok yg ditarik terlalu lama sebab nak pastikan enjin terus hidup dlm perjalanan membawa Volvo ini pulang dr KT ke Kemaman oleh abg aku...masa tu, enjin running 100% on battery power only as the alternator has failed to function...something that has not been noticed by En.Othman before because I think he only used the Volvo for short distance drive only during the car's last days wif him... ape2 pun, VOLVO 244GL sgt seronok untuk dipelajari sbb nak bwk kete ni mmg susah (bodi kotak, panjang n berat), sikit sbnyak, Volvo ni mengajar aku betapa org putih jauh lebih maju dr kita org Melayu...sbg contoh, kereta ni tahun 1981 (dah 28 tahun) tp dah ada O/D (overdrive) function...mcm gear lima la cuma kene tekan jer atas tombol gear tu...lagi satu, brek kereta ni direka kalo bwk laju, brek sket pun dh mkn n kalo bwk slow2 kne apply pressure kat pedal brek lebih sket...aku sniri pun x tw mcm mana org2 kat Volvo 28 tahun dulu dah tpiker mnda2 mcm ni...kete ni siap ader seatbelt warning lg utk driver...aku sniri pun x caye...igtkan bodo2 jer kete ni tp boleh dikatakan quite an engineering marvel for the time it was produced...n the car is still so brilliant that it keeps running after the past twenty-eight years as if there is nothing that could stop it from being a car...this car is definitely the one that has its own 'soul'...aku adalah pemilik ke-3 kete ni n im proud if i can keep this car for my next generation to see and to appreciate the beauty from the past...after all, VOLVO for Life...