Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Treasure - Tribute to SMSD 0408

I wake up every morning
Just to have you in my mind
I smile...knowing that you are mine

I try to remember our yesterdays
And hope we can do it again for tomorrows
Do what we do best
Cried our tears dry
Laugh our lungs out
Our life goes well
Nothing to worry of,
And everything to dream of

I can still remember your cheerful lovely face
Though i know even words can't describe it with any phrase
Then i look into your shiny eyes
Deep inside, i can find my place right in your very heart

Cos' i know
You'll be happy when i'm happy
You'll be crying when i'm crying
You'll be my strength when i'm weak
And you'll be my soul when i'm lost inside

And cos' i know
We were meant for each other
I was born to make you perfect and you were born to make me perfect
That's why you are my treasure
Never want to lose it, never want to slip a hold from it
As long as i can breathe,
And my heart can beat
You will be a part of me
Standing proudly in my heart
Saying that you are my friend...

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