Monday, January 12, 2009

My Life=Basketball

I've got two days off from my boss which is yesterday and i used the long waited chance to play basketball wif my friends at sis 1...gosh, it's been a long time since my last match as the student of SM Sains Dungun and it turned out that a 3 on 3 match would be so much tiring for me now... I've lost all my stamina!!! Luckily, i still've got the skills i learned before at my school...although not as good as the old days, i can still feel that the skills can come back slowly...but what can i do? i've got to work from 5pm to 12am every day and there's no certain day-off for all depends to the boss...quite a sad thing for me...i've been playing for five years at SMSD starting from form one and there's no way i can juz forget the game that i love so much...every time i touch the ball, the memories of my coach, my teammates, our cry, our joy, our hardwork, our passion just come back to my mind...gosh i miss u all guys, especially mister hamdani that has thought me a lot not just about basketball, but also how i can become a more useful man through teammates...oh my, they're all fantastic...if i was given a chance to play alongside kobe, t-mac, lebron or even steve nash, i'd rather choose g-bom, seraq meng, seraq nor, kumel, ropa, lutfi, matyi, redha, pue, mamut, pikwan, najmi and goh...cos' they're my friends...they're the ones who shared the joy, the pain, the suffering and the trophies with me...two days i've been playing at sis 1 made me come to realize that im not a good basketball player...not without my teammates...together, we've crushed teams that are bigger and better from us...oh god, i miss the good old days of we together being a 'SHARKS'...indeed, basketball is my passion, my source of strength,my teacher, my pride and my memories of my all my teammates, i hope we can play together or against each other again...i just love to see all of us in action...deep in my heart, i know that i'm still a player of the 'SHARKS' although i'll never play for it again...and the title will go on forever...once a 'SHARKS', forever a 'SHARKS'...

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