Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's in your lover's name?

Aku terjumpe artikel ni kat sini. Yg kat bawah ni aku amek huruf D sbb name aku start ngn D.. Siyes aku ckp, cm betol jerr ngn aku..kebetulan betul laa..


Highly passionate, loyal and intense, the D people move purposefully once they have zeroed in on someone. Giving up does not come easily to them. Once the mind and heart is made up, they shower their entire affection and care on the objects of their desire. D people are helpful, faithful, sharp and quite talented. They are normally not shallow personalities. On the negative side, jealousy and short temper can be the bane of their nature. They also have a tendency to be stimulated by the unusual, almost bordering on the eccentric!

Yg bwh ni plak untuk name si dia yg start ngn hruf betul gak..hurm..kebetulan gile..


Caring, sensitive and sensuous, private and passionate is what will aptly describe an S personality. Pleasure is primary. They get turned on by little things like the music in the background, soft lights... Romantically an idealist, they have the patience to wait before the right person comes along. They are also an expert in playing any role or game as far as relationships are concerned.

keh3..ntah nape sjak 2-3 hri nie aku jd cm jiwang jerr..haha..maybe faktor hormon kot.. hak3 slhkan hormon laa plak..

2 jerr.SALAM.


athifah said...

's' for???hahahhaha ak taw...

sha filan said...

laki pun ad naik turun hormon ka? hakhakhak

Mike_Delta_Hotel_33 said...


s for spongebob, aku nok ke mu..haha..

~kak sha

ade r..hormon polysterene..keh3!!

Anonymous said...

nmpk cam bes!
mau try jugaks!


Mike_Delta_Hotel_33 said...


try jgn x try..

deedee said...

wah! jiwang lah dz! kalah i! haha "D

Mike_Delta_Hotel_33 said...


x jiwang pun..juz nak kongsi artikel i found sumwhere on the net..nway, 'd' x valid untuk 'deedee' sbb name betol deedee start ngn 'a'..hek3..

deedee said...

alaaaaaaaa!!!!!! hahahhahhah!

athifah said... ni xnormal eh ske kt krtun

Mike_Delta_Hotel_33 said...

mmg doh..spongeob, doremon, naruto, futurama, family guy, simpsons, totally spies, aku ske blake..