Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dragon Fruit Recipe

I just can't believe this one also but yes, they do make recipes with the many over the net, here's just some dragonfruit recipe that i kinda like and will give it a try...


1.Fried Chicken Wing With Dragon Sauce

Ingredients:10 chicken wings,3tbsp dragon fruit puree.
Sauce:3 tbsp chopped garlic & ginger,2 tbsp fish sauce & oyster sauce,dash of sugar.

Separate the wing into two part,1 as buffalo wings,another as boxer’s sticks.Mixes all the sauce ingredients and cook in wok,dish out some sauce for dipping.
Chicken wings soak in dragon fruit puree mix with sauce for 1 hour.
Deep fry the chicken wings until golden brown then arrange on plate and serve together with the sauce for dipping.

2. Giant Prawn With Red Dragon Sauce

800g of Giant Prawn . 100cc of red dragon wine.20gm garlic and ginger chopped.
Seasoning:100 gm red dragon sauce , 2tbsp oystersauce,2tbsp sugar.

1.Rinse the Giant Prawn and make a slit at the back of the prawn. Season with the salt and wine
and deep fry till look golden and drained up.
2. Preheat wok to sauté garlic and ginger slices till fragrant. Pour in red dragon sauce mixture( dragon wine ) and boil.
3.Lastly, cook until the sauce thicken ,add in pre-fried prawn an stir well with sugar and dragon wine, remove from heat and dish up.

3.Red Dragon Fruit Enzyme

2 kg red dragon fruit,1kg of rock honey.
Wash the fruit and drained up till dry. Slice the dragon fruit into small piece.
Stack the fruit into glass jar and add rock honey, seal it and keep in a cool place for 1 week.
Natural fermented juice is an enzyme drink, which can helps to reduce fat & stress, cleanse digest system.
The fruit or the puree after fermented ( as a Tapai ) is a very good material for making a very healthy
and special cooking sauce.

4. Stewed Chicken Soup with Dragon Flower

Ingredients: 1 bird of chickens,2 pkt. of dragon flower soup beg ,2 liter water.

Seasoning: Salt to taste

1.Wash chicken ,then add chicken and dragon flower soup bag in water and bring to a boil, transfer ingredients to a stew pot, double boil for 2 hours, season with salt before serving.
The simplest recipe was the Chicken Soup where chicken was left to boil with the flower of the dragon fruit plant and some salt.
The clear soup complements a bowl of chicken rice. The flower is rich in bee pollen which is good for curing coughs and asthmatic problems
Dragon Flower is a “Night Blooming Cactus “ works as a good herbs .

i guess i will just have to ignore the 'wine' thingy if im gonna try these...interesting recipes though...

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