Monday, April 6, 2009

To All At The End of The Day viewers

What do you all think about the blog title, 'at the end of the day' and the words below it that says 'because what appears to be the end can always be the new beginning'? do you think it's copycatted from somewhere? im asking you this because some of us think i did copy all those sayings from somewhere...just wanna know what u guys think...but, i tell you what, the truth is, i didn't copy those words from anywhere for god's sake i swear...any resemblance of what some of you guys out there might have encounter is just A COINCIDENCE!!! i arranged those words myself and now thinking of registering it and put them as 'patented quotes' yknawm sayin' ryte? lol...just kiddin', to those who had been so skeptical with my ENGLISH whatsoever, i suggest you all to GO AND GET A LIFE!!! go play around somewhere far!!! the internet community just don't need YOUR kind of individuals!!! you don't belong here get it? so your english is that 'good' eh? i bet you never know what these mean...FUCK YOU!!!

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