Sunday, June 14, 2009


~Stop smoking.

~Stop staying late at night.

~Stop playing around too much in life.

~Stop putting high expectations on things that can't be expected.

~Stop thinking about problems too much.

~Stop saying bad things about people.(no matter how bad they are).

~Stop my constant complaints on almost everything in this world. (deal with them ok?).

~Stop making my mom upset.

~Stop saying something stupid like 'I love you'.

~Stop taking things for granted.

~Stop being my old, useless self and try to be someone better.


~Start focusing on my dreams. (i'll soar high in sky one day, yes I WILL!!).

~Start paying attention to little things that people do for me. It's the little things that make the differences.

~Start my days early. By 6.30, i'll be booted and suited to face the day.

~Start pumping those irons back. I know, rebuilding my six packs, chest and shoulders ain't gonna be easy.

~Start regaining my stamina.

~Start looking positively on every single thing that happens.

~Start smiling to everyone. I might as well make someone's day.

~Start being more courteous and polite. Because everything happens for a reason.

~Start dealing problems with patience. Everywhere around this world, there are people who are facing a lot more serious problems than you are.

~Start enjoying life just the way it was meant to be.

~Most importantly, start talking to God more often. Coz with each second, our death is getting nearer.

Please help me in whatever ways you guys can so that I can be a more useful person for our people, the country and our religion.

The New Resolution starts...NOW. Pray for me guys.

2 jerr.SALAM.


nadd said...

gud luck okay?
go dzakwan, go dzakwan...

Mike_Delta_Hotel_33 said...

trimas a lot cik nadd..laen kali kalo nak kutip mangga tu, jgn lupa call me k?? haha..

asyraf said...

I know u can do it... I'll pray 4 your success..

Mike_Delta_Hotel_33 said...

trimas seraq..mmg sbelum ni pun mu dh bnyak mmbantu..